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11-03-2012, 01:25 AM
I played this on normal to get a feel for the mission and I have to say, I very much enjoyed it. I will try it on elite when it comes out as well! I think the mission was pretty well balanced. It's a little bit more difficult than the other STFs currently offered and I think it fits the story well (it is the Borg queen's lair afterall!) and the added challenge from greater difficulty means strategy (gasp!) is actually needed to succeed. My team worked together well and we didn't have too much trouble with deaths (we were all in escorts). With brace for impact active I took hardly any damage from a heavy torpedo spread. I anticipate it would be much greater in elites but no more difficult than Donatra's spreads.
On a more general note, I do very much appreciate the built in time at the beginning of the mission to read a mission summary. Yeah it gets tiresome after the first few times but hey, for the people who actually care about how to properly run a mission it helps a great deal. Even if most people skip by it and ignore the suggestions it gives you a chance to learn what to do before the fighting starts.

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