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11-03-2012, 12:34 AM
New Romulus looks good, visually. I played around there for about an hour, and during that hour it was fun. I think long-term it's going to be pretty worthless, though.

My general impression of it, in terms of game play, is that you've made new romulus into what is basically a Korean MMO. You run around and click X objects, shoot Y bad guys, collect Z plot items. Over and over. It's pointless and repetitive.

I may as well be playing some Korean MMO, or dare I say it? Even farmville. It's exactly that style of game play.

I want actual missions with stories and plots. I don't want endless variations of, "Hello! I'm a lazy NPC, go collect a laundry list of crap for me and I'll give you an incidental reward!"

If you're going to put in mindless-click missions like these, at least reduce the amount of X,Y,Z items you have to click/collect so we can get it over and done with sooner and move on to some aspect of the game that might actually be fun and engaging.