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11-03-2012, 01:53 AM
Since I previously unlocked Tier 1 Reputation, I found that "Hidden" mission and really like the Scene. I'm really liking D'Tan now.

Embassy Daily: Mission was bugged. Said for me to scan 4 radiation sources, but none counted.

Romulan Historian: Send a DOFF on a 20 Hour mission for 5 Romulan Marks, which are the same ones you can sneeze on the planet and get? Um, I really think this reward needs to be at least 50.

Warehouse: With Tier 1, I got to go in the Warehouse and was surprised who I saw in there. Outside the dialogue, the mission felt a little dry of "go here, click that".

Epohhs: I like you can get them as pets and train them. But the system seemed to be rather complicated and needs to be better explained. And feels cheap you can buy the rare breeds, should be more challenging for some of the rare breeds.

And it was mentioned there are Elders, but how do we get those?

Accolades: People said they are there but I ran all over the place. Think they need to be straightforward than having STOwiki tell everyone where they are. To encourage players to explore than be spoiled.

Overall, I'm still fond of New Romulus. But I worry that these missions might grow old on people quickly since there is just too much running around and clicking, all for 10 marks. Compared to the Queues which you can get more marks for far the less effort.

Perhaps you should increase the marks on the planet and to give somekind of rotation for players so to allow some variety. As to keep things interesting and reason for players to go to New Romulus than staying in the queues.