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11-03-2012, 01:29 AM
Here is my Feedback with the Changes to the Taw Dewa Sector for the Testing Weekend:

Jouret: Glad Satellites were moved per previous comment.

Carraya: Nebula not glitching, but in the right location?

Starbase 234: Still disappointed that this encounter is nothing but DPS.
This needs to be automatically scaled according to your ship type so players actually have a chance to win without needing an Escort.

Beta Lankal: Glad Tholians are more protective of their gains.

Pheben: Freighters mostly fixed, but their arsenal needs to be looked at. Fought one that had Defiant Quads on it and using Spread 3. Arsenals like those aren't typical of freighters. If I was a Captain of a Starship, I'd have them detained for having illegal weaponry.

Archer: Still in a Very Uncanonical Location

This location is from the Star Trek Star Charts, which came before Enterprise, which in the series stated the Archer System is 31 Light Years away from SOL, which puts it in the Regulus Sector.

Galorndon Core: This Mission really needs to be redone from scratch, the Gekli getting constantly stuck on the tracks is going to make it highly unpopular and frustrating to do. I really suggest a free range like the Fleet Action and players hurd the Gelki around the Hirogen.

TD DSE: Could really use a respawn clock....

And have it actually work with the Tholian Red Alert Mission.