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Originally Posted by fovrel View Post
You are right, it is not only C-Store ships. Still, I think, it is a pity. If you want to fly ship x as a beam boat and as a torpedoe boat, you have to reconfigure your setup or you create another character wich is an exact copy of the one you have and purchase the ship again.
Maybe I'm missing something here. There's an inventory to store different weapons, consoles or other items you may need to adapt to different situations. BOffs and DOFFs also can be changed quickly. I'm doing this all the time when changing between PvE and PvP setups and it's usually a matter of seconds, maybe a minute depending on the change.

Why would I want to go back to shipyard all the time to change ships when all this can be done on the move? Trip to Sol (with loading screen), Beam down (with loading screen), go to shipyard (with loading screen), change ships and back to space (with loading screen). Sorry, but that sounds way longer than just change items. And for ship skins, just change it when you are in the mood for it. EC are easy to get and costs are low.
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