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11-03-2012, 03:54 AM
Played with my engineer on a galor (battlecruiser/aggressive build) with beams and a full maco set on elite mode.

The first two parts were even more easier with a cruiser. It wasn't difficult with an escort, but i've been able to tank 3 elite tac cubes aggroed on me with a galor...

The last one though has been harder than with my sci on an escort. We had no sci and no one to control the boss moves, so she's been able to run quicly toward players to get closer than 5km and to use her isometric charge. Some of our pugs never got it, two of them were constantly dying because of that and it took us 20 minutes to slowly kill her. The problem isn't the iso charge, it's people not reading team chat and having no sense of team play. Altough i wouldn't be sad if she had another special attack, let's say a strong plasma lotus (similar to the 1000-day veteran ship one). Something we can resist at least.

It's been doable with only one escort in our team but it took time. I think the queen's ship souldn't be allowed to move that fast. It's not easy for a galor not to get in the dangerous zone so slower ships will obviously get into trouble.

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