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Fubar Inc general info

Fubar community consists of several entities:

Fubar Inc (Federation side Fleet)
Crimson Fubar Inc (KDF side Fleet)
Fubar Inc TeamSpeak 3 server (TS3 adress:
FubarSTO forums (site adress:

Fubar Inc is, as one of the leading STO fleets, is dedicated to one and only one thing: smooth, relaxed, pure fun

There is a place for almost everyone in FUBAR Inc, even if you are a veteran hardcore player, weekend warrior or a freshly embarked on voyage through space roamer aka a complete newb,
there is a corner and a place in our fleet base set aside for you.

The principle of large, fun, open Fleet/community transparent management is the foundation stone of Fubar Inc, we may stray from that rocky path from time to time, but we always do our best to learn from our mistakes.
Help us help you and make Star Trek Online a unique and worthwhile experience.


The idea behind FUBAR Inc, was (and is) simple, to provide a place and home to everyone that enjoys playing Star Trek Online, and wants to do that in a friendly, relaxed, laid back environment.
For over a year, leadership of the fleet was squeamish about setting down a firm set of rules, because we felt it was against general principle of "being relaxed".

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