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11-03-2012, 05:44 AM
The transporter pad is a weird one, I said this when I started making missions some of the things they have in it make no sense, but the things they do not is even more confusing

The lack of decent Klingon ship interiors with no damage is a problem, at least tere are some federation interiors that could do as ship interiors.

no EMH for example, they have a holographic cardassian for some reason, but no medical hologram.

Lack of starfleet academy is one that does confuse me a little bit as well as decent non klingon seats

some of my foundry missions would have been so much better if only there was better props and interiors

my beef is the inability to build believeable romulan ship interiors and lack of more modern ships like the armitage and regent as well as likes of the venture

another thing is the ability to do a decent transition into a holodeck

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