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Sir fighters are still out there.

Cole : damn call them all back. Attack pattern alter typhon.

Agent: sir they recloaked and are still firing.

Cole : damn let me have firing control.

Agent : sir

Cole sets his hands on the console as he forms a cones rink with it. As he lets solace help him him. He gives covering fire for the fighters as they dock.

The agent looks at cole

Cole: me and solace are one. Soval you asked what happened well me and my personal ai merged.
Soval: Very-- *The ship rocks from a weapon impact.* interesting, Director. But, perhaps it could wait until we've lost these Romulan attackers?

Agent: Sir, that last hit took out Cargo Bay 7. Emergency Forcefields in place, but, one more hit like that through the shields and we're done!

T'mar: Hold on! Can you patch the sensors through this console? I may be able to--

Agent: You sure you're up to it?

T'mar: Do we have a choice?

Agent: Delvientos, activate the sensor feed.

Agent 2: Yes, Commander. *Activates T'mar's console.* Done.

Agent: *turns to Cole* What T'mar is going to do is use her telepathy in tandem with ship sensors to locate our target. Once we have that, a single weapon hit will let me extrapolate their exact position and attitude, and we can target their main systems.

*The ship rocks and consoles explode as the ship's hit by another strike.*

Damn it! One more like that and we're done for!

T'mar: Sensors are down!

Agent: So much for that idea!

I can't make the jump to warp! They've got a warp-field disruptor in place!

*Proximity alarm sounds*

*Outside, the U.S.S. Excalibur jumps out of warp and begins a phaser sweep, hitting the Scimitar three times before triangulating their position and focusing all firepower.

The Excalibur fires her phased-plasma torpedoes on the Scimitar, phasing through the hull and exploding within the ship. Now heavily damaged, the Scimitar jumps to warp, disabling the warp disruptor.*

Captain Jack Foreman: This is Captain Jack Foreman of the U.S.S. Excalibur to U.S.S. Valiant. Do you require assistance?

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