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+1 One like for your post :-)

It's sad but in CSE I'm still not good enough to tank the Negh'Var and the raptor with my Tac in the Advanced Escort. But I'm working on it xD

How about an Engie in a AC? I really lack the damage to even kill 4 probes in KAGE? Even EptW1 x2 and Eject Warp plasma. Healing and tanking is no problem. Even killing a cube is no problem. But killing something fast is ... impossible for me -.-
Its not sad at all mate, provided you don't rage at others

The trick to tanking the Neg'Var and raptor is to set the stage properly, they spawn at the same spot each time so try and engage them one at a time out of cube range. They are also different styles of fight as well.

Neg'Var: The key is too keep your hull close to full and shields strong. There is a 5 second gap between tac team shield distrubution so you need to mind that gap with manual shield transfer and using a shield heal ability at the same time like Transfer Shield Strength, a Shield Battery, or even Reverse Shield Polarity. This is an endurance slug match style fight most times. Also make sure no allies or deployables are near you because while any ship can take a single Iso Charge hit that second one is a killer.

Raptor: This is a burn him before he burns you fight. His torps will blast your shields and tend to hurt so keep your tank strong and use all cooldowns to kill him before he kills you. Also be sure to use the yo-yo method to have a defense score (slowly foward slowly backward).

Now as an AC I'm assuming you mean Assault Cruiser. I do not know if your using a beam boat or a cannon build so I'll just give tips on both. As an engineer you have two abilities that will dramatically increase your DPS with beams, Nadion Inversion and EPS Transfer or whatever it is called, use both at the same time when you need high DPS. In addition having weapons power over 125 while does not display does increase DPS dramatically for beam arrays, not so much for cannons. And finally Omega Set is awesome for a cruiser as it does increase damage output a tad. Here are 3 sample build frames you can try out all 3 have worked well enough for me in the past.

Beam Boat
Weapons: 7-8 beam arrays, 1 mine launcher
Tac Boff: Fire at Will 1, Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1
Eng Boff: Directed Energy Modulation 1-3 x2, Epower to Weapons 1 x2
Power Settings: Max Weapon
Gear Set: 2 Piece Omega (deflector+shield)

I know, why no torp and why so many arrays? Torpedo launchers encourage poor play. Your goal is to keep broadsiding and yet each time that launcher comes off cooldown you just want to turn and use it. Then over half your beams are no longer on target and nine times out of ten the target gets a wee little bit of shields and the torp doesn't do much anyway. It would be different if you had torp spread 3 or something but you don't.

Cannon Boat
Weapons: 2-3 Cannons, 1-2 Torps, 4 turrets
Tac Boff: Tac Team 1 x2, Cannon Scatter Volley
Eng Boff: Same, can ignore Epower to Weapons though if desired.

Point and Shoot it is pretty simple. Better for a tac though.

Crazy Ivan Boat
Weapons: 3 Dual Beam Banks, 1 Torp, 4x turrets
Tac Boff: Fire at Will 1, Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1
Eng Boff: Same

At first glance this build looks stupid (and I expect to get flamed for it lol) but it does have a few advantages over the cannon build. First, beams have slightly higher accuracy than cannons and they suffer less of a DPS hit at long ranges that you typically find yourself at in an STF. Secondly fire at will with attack pattern beta is a higher DPS combo than cannon scatter volley and torp spread in most situations.

Give 'em a try if you want.

I also currently have my own engineer in a Patrol Escort right now, here is the exact build he is using.
Set: Omega Shield + Deflector, Borg Engine
Consoles: Standard Armor, Shield Cap, Damage
Weapons: 7x Beam Arrays
Boff Abilities
Tac Team 1 x2, Beam Overload 2, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Fire at Will 3, Attack Pattern Omega 1, Attack Pattern Beta 3, Epower to Weapons 1 x2, Epower to Shields 2, Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2

Average CSE DPS when I parsed was 4,700 and that is not an 'in combat' DPS that is averaged for the entire STF. DPS vs the carrier at the end was over 9k when I used the two captain abilities. Not the greatest but pretty freaking good if you ask me. No points in threat control and I rarely ever don't have agro.

Also have a Klink Engineer in a Neg'Var his build is weird though.
Gear: Same
Weapons: 6x Beam Array, 2x Turret
Boff Abilities
Fire at Will 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2, Engineering Team, Epower to Weapons 1 x2, Aux to Strut 1, Epower to Shields 2, Directed Energy Modulation 2, Reverse Shield Polarity 3 OR Extend Shields 3 (depends on if I seem to be tanking alot)

He can kill the 4 probes without a problem never did bother to parse his DPS tho.

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