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11-03-2012, 05:56 AM
Problems in the The hive mission, in elite and normal versions:

If the queen borg fall in the pit (alone, because the normal player can't throw her), she become invencible and frozen in the small border behind of the plataform.

You can't hit her, can't throw her, she can't move and can't attack you.

To reset the room and begin again, you are forced to suicide the whole team and respawn. In the normal version is ok, but in the elite version is really problematic.

Other problem I noted: The 4 energy cells in the coners. If someone die and wake here, you can't go out, because the console inside and outside of the cell can't work well. Sometimes you can go out alone or wait 2 minutes, but in many cases, you are forced to leave the mission because no one can turn on the console in any of the 4 coners outside of each energy cell or the prisioner can't use the console inside of the cell. This happens in the elite and normal versions, with both factions, kdf and fed.
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