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11-03-2012, 06:20 AM
I've only used advanced To'duj and the B'rolth birds so far. But....

B'rolth birds: YES. Hands-down better in every way than the B'rels. These things are incredibly mean.

Advanced To'duj: NO. Since 90% of your pet DPS comes from torpedoes, and quantum torpedoes have lower DPS than photon torpedoes, I think you can guess how these stack up against standard To'duj. (If you could somehow get your launch time down to 6 seconds, these should hypothetically be better...)

In general, based on trying all the cheaper versions of the pets, only To'duj and Birds are worth equipping for damage. Slavers look very impressive with the massive furball of beams, but in reality since pets have no weapon skills or boosted weapon power, they do absolutely pathetic damage.