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# 105 Interesting... very Interesting
11-03-2012, 06:36 AM
The overall impression is... interesting. However, the repair mission in the Staging Area will be irritating when a full population is running around trying to repair the same few items in the area. I figure the same will be true for other areas on New Romulus. Each players mission should not be affected/affecting other player's ability to accomplish the same.

While traveling back on the east side of the map, my companion NPC either fell over or through the stone bridge. If the pathing did not limit the NPC while crossing the bridge, then he did fall over the bridge.

The shuttle area, 1) the option to travel between starbase and embassy should be active as long as the starbase is Level 1 or higher. 2) the sound produced when walking in ths shuttle bay is irritating; I was getting a headache just listening to the piercing audible through my speakers. 3) the shuttles are the size of runabouts, but they are not runabouts

The space mission are the standard ones you find in system fights, but the pay-off is a little to low; gives the area the fill of a grind-fest for Rom Marks.

Note: Would be nice to be able to test out Vesta on Tribble