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11-03-2012, 06:45 AM
Tank-a-Scort revamped.

Average CSE DPS 4,700 for the entirety of the match, not just 'in-combat'.
DPS vs Carrier with Engineer buffs active: Over 9k.

I used a parser and it showed me I was right. Testing is a wonderful thing.

*edit* Figured I'd post the shortened build.

Set: Omega Shield + Deflector, Borg Engine
Consoles: Standard Armor, Shield Cap, Damage
Weapons: 7x Beam Arrays
Boff Abilities
Tac Team 1 x2, Beam Overload 2, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Fire at Will 3, Attack Pattern Omega 1, Attack Pattern Beta 3, Epower to Weapons 1 x2, Epower to Shields 2, Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2

You see I'm running at nearly 160 weapon power constantly. My beams hit bare hull for over 1500 per hit. With my buffs active over 2k per hit. If they remove the over 125 bonus then this build would be junk but for now it is amazing.

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