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Cole: thank you captain but we should be good for now. Stand by. All hands report I want a full analysis of the confrontation and there attack on the planet. I want very scrap of data we can find on this ill be in stellar cartography . Soval Tmar you can join me or stay here. Either way is fine.
Soval: I think I'll join you. T'mar?

T'mar: I'll stay up here and help out.

*Upon reaching Stellar Cartography, Soval looks in awe as the holographic display comes to life in the spherical chamber.*

Soval: The more of this ship I see, the more it fascinates me.

*The Bridge. T'mar's looking over some sensor data from right before the Thalaron burst, with the Agent that had been helping her all day standing behind her, looking over her shoulder.*

Agent: What do you make of it?

T'mar: Radiography isn't my speciality but, *she points to the map of the planet as the record of the burst plays on the holographic display* shouldn't the radiation be coming from orbit? It seems to start here, on the eastern hemisphere.

Agent: A bomb?

T'mar: A bomb. But, a Thalaron Bomb powerful enough to spread that much radiation over the planet?

Agent: Our rebel friends have been busy.

They've attacked Federation Space. The President's gonna have a stroke when he sees the Director's report!

T'mar: We don't know it was the rebels yet. It could have just as easily been a renegade captain with a grudge against the Federation. And there was a Lethean on that ship, remember?

Agent: Good point.

Look, the radiation burst curves around the Capital for a moment before flooding over it.

T'mar: Hey, you're right!


Agent: Why? I haven't got a clue! Could be the metal composition of the buildings, wind direction--

T'mar: No. If it were wind direction it wouldn't only be affecting the radiation around the capital.

*She rests her face in her hands and leans back in her chair.*

We know so little about Thalaron Radiation.

Agent: Tell me about it.

T'mar: I just did.

Agent: No, it's a figurative... *T'mar smiles, amused.*

Oh! I get it. That was a joke.

T'mar: Okay, if it was affected by building composition, why would that only affect the capital city?

Oh... I am an idiot!

The planetary defence network! As soon as it registered an attack on Bolarus it would have raised the shields around the capital!

Agent: Didn't help them much. But, if we know that shields can fend of a minimum amount of Radiation...

T'mar: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Agent: You're the telepath. You tell me.

T'mar: Well, I'm thinking that you're thinking that I'm thinking that we can test different energy shield modulations and bandwidths to modify the shields to block Thalaron Radiation altogether.

Agent: And you said radiography wasn't your speciality.

T'mar: Well... I may know a few things... Mike.

Agent: Oh, that's good. Tell me, what's my--

T'mar: January 13.

Agent: And my--

T'mar: Sam.

Agent: Then what--

T'mar: Tarfallan Tea.

Agent: Okay...

What number am I thinking of?

T'mar: S is a letter. Cheating doesn't really work when you're a telepath.

Agent: Okay, you know my name, my dog's name, my birthday, and my favourite drink. What am I thinking of right now?

T'mar: I could go for something to eat too.

Agent: Damn!

T'mar: Quick tip; if you want to know how to block a telepathic scan, I'd suggest tinfoil.

Agent: Does that actually work?

T'mar: Know, but it'd make you look like an idiot.

Agent: Oh, very funny!

*Taps his combadge.*

Chester to Cole, we may have something for you sir.
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