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11-03-2012, 06:55 AM
You want to clean up a forum you need to be willing to use a ban-hammer. Frequently and swiftly.

Their is a way, a method, to present ideas and concepts. There is also a method for attacking a post, or information in a post instead of the poster. Many of the problem posters of the type claimed by the op are incapable of that. I could name names but will not do so.

Simply put there are very few (1 at the moment) posters who I take information from at face value because of how they present it, compose themselves, and the fact that they use proper test methods. One.

Let us use the DC vs DHC argument. Poster A claims DC is best, poster B DHC, poster C DHC but not needing da ban. lets see a possible post.

Poster A: "DCs are the best because they proc more and the phaser proc is soo strong."

Poster B: "DCs suck and your an idiot, anyone who listen's to this PvE nooblord is a moron as well"

Poster C: "DHCs will do more damage because of the power drain mechanics that you will just have to trust me on and they even have a +crit too boot. In addition the proc rate is normalized between the two leading to them both procing at the same rate. Check this test out that was done by a very helpful person here "

Poster B should get ban-hammer and just call it a day. Then perhaps more poster Cs would bother to post. I cannot count on a single hand the number of times I just don't bother to post information because of the number of 'Poster B' types on these forums that don't even check a premise before making a conclusion on the subject.