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11-03-2012, 08:11 AM
My experiences so far:

Jouret System: Seemed to work well, borg seemed a little more difficult than previously, although that may be partly down to the sets having been adjusted.

Acamar System: Nice to have a non-combat diplomacy mission and some different variations on the discussions held so that it doesn't become the same on every run (run it twice so far).

Starbase 234: Nice, the ships are reasonably well balanced, maybe even a touch too easy. But the starbase is quite overpowered, seemed to destroy me with only a few volleys (Engineer running a Tactical Escort Retrofit). Seems like you either need extreme DPS to extreme Tanking (perhaps with hit and run tactics) to survive this and with the difficult advanced to Hard (or Elite) you can pick up a lot of injuries on this mission.

Nequencia System: Works nicely, although quite easy to get lost within the different trader menu's when trying to work out what you need to get where you want. A few different end targets (so things other than plasma coolant would make the mission a little better for replays rather than also going to the same target component). Also when I go to buy the plasma coolant, the message bar seems to appear twice in the middle of screen and is stretched (normally I have it appear out of the way at the top of screen).

Galderon Core: Principle is good, but doesn't quite seem to work. Some of the Gelki (the newborns in particular) seeemd to keep getting stuck at various points (seems like spacial anomolies on the route) and the mission objectives seem to infer that you don't need to destroy all the hirogen, yet when I got the Gelki to the portal the mission says to destroy the last hunting party which was one I had managed to slip by just before the portal.

Sector Red Alert: As previously mentioned, the red alert say's about there being Borg, but you engage the Tholians. There is mention of spacial anomolies or something so maybe this is intentional (tholians making it look like the borg are coming?)

Liking what I've seen far, keep up the good work.