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Yep, it's that time again for yet another cruiser thread. But I've been thinking about the complaints some players keep making and I want to add my own suggestion for a buff that I think Fed cruisers need.

Now reasonable people can disagree with my ideas, but even after the Borg set nerf and all the other changes that will make escorts slightly less tanky (and players will find new flavour of the month setups to make them more tanky again), I still say Fed cruisers need some love.

So here goes:

Changes affecting all ships

1. Increase the base damage of all beam arrays by 6%. For example, I believe advanced fleet beam arrays do 245 damage each, before modifiers. I'm suggesting that they be buffed to do 260 damage. I had considered suggesting a 10% buff, which would put those arrays at 270 damage each, but I assumed people would scream that it would be too high an increase, hence a compromise.

2. Increase all cruiser turn rates by one point. Just one. We really only need one. Then we'd have Assault and Star cruisers turning like Excelsiors, Excelsiors would turn almost as quickly as a Galor or Vor'cha without equalling them. And of course, Exploration cruisers and Odyssey cruisers (and the Bortasqu) would turn like Assault and Star cruisers do now. Fed cruisers would still feel like cruisers, they wouldn't step on KDF toes, nor would they suddenly become overpowered by this change. They would however, become slightly more nimble and slightly reduce that space whale feeling most Fed cruiser captains are sick of.

Changes affecting specific ships

1. Give the Fleet Star cruiser the kind of boff layout the Fleet Assault cruiser will have, if they ever put it back in the game:

Cmdr Engineering
Lt. Engineering
Lt. Cmdr Science
Ensign. Science
Lt. Universal

This one is no-brainer. Let's be honest here: three low level science powers are only good for tanking yourself. They are useless as offensive abilities, and thus the Fleet Star cruiser is just another superfluous tank ship, like the Assault cruiser is another superfluous combat ship which justified the creation of the Regent after so much rage at the Excelsior. Next to the Fleet Exploration cruiser, the Fleet Star cruiser is the other useless pile of garbage cruiser. It has nothing going for it compared to dedicated science ships or cruisers that do a better job in combat.

2. Give the Fleet Exploration cruiser a universal ensign. Yes, that argument again. If there's one thing this ship sorely needs, it's to be given at least one more officer who doesn't have to be an engineer. This is not an enormous change. This is not a gamebreaking change. But this is a Tier four Fleet ship we're talking about. It deserves to have something going for it to justify the cost of attaining it.

Do I have to invoke Wesley Crusher to justify this suggestion? Because I will. See that? Three bands on his uniform, representing all three departments. He is a universal ensign. Give this ship a universal ensign in kind.

3. Double the zen price of the Galaxy Dreadnought, give it a fourth tactical console, and give it two tactical lieutenants and a science ensign.

Honestly, this ship is never going to get a fleet version due to the phaser lance. Yet people still want it up to par with them. So do this as a compromise, but don't make its tactical boffs the same as the Regent or Excelsior. That would make other combat cruisers obsolete. Just make it better but different, and increase the cost because everyone will probably want one.

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