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The only catch here is that if you are geared towards damage in a cruiser, you will sacrifice some power in it's main strength: tanking and support (something that I've been made painfully aware of on more than one occasion by a Borg Tactical Cube/Transwarp Gateway that decided to educate me on that fact). The only problem with cruisers in this department (and I mean ALL of them, not just the Galaxy) is that if you spec them towards damage, you will lose out on defense. But that's how it goes. You can't have it all.
The issue with this is that when speccing into damage you lose less defence than you do damage by speccing a healer.

Call me stupid if you will but I still can't see what is unbalanced about a Jack of all trades cruiser after all that is the primary purpose of any cruiser, right? Fill the hole in a given group...
If anything it takes more skill to play the Jack of all trades than to play the tank or damage dealer or the crowd control or the healer as you need to be able to pull all these off and prioritise the aspect the team needs while doing the other bits.

The problem is that you just can't do it... you spec widely to cover all bases and you fall flat on your face and end up completely useless. Now I know you can't be the best at everything (unless you fly the Vesta) but you should be reasonably capable of everything in a cruiser. That by their definition (and in game description) their job and purpose and if you look at Starfleet that's what they are GOOD at.

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