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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post

I mean... really...?


That's why we can't have any nice things...

No offense, but just because you suck doesn't mean that the mission is impossible. It is very much doable with all the optionals even on Elite. Just because it's challenging doesn't mean you need to call for a nerf already.

Practice some more, find yourself a GOOD team, and I assure you the mission is going to be very much possible to beat. And don't even start the mission if you're gonna assume it's just a simple dps pew pew pew for a few minutes. There's some planning and strategy involved: the tac cubes need to be handled one by one (and they CAN be killed in less than a minute each... so quit that talk about "best pre-made teams can't do it"), the unimatrix ships' beam won't fire if you're near the diamond (it's even stated in a boff tip, but that requires actual reading AND thinking! teh horror!), and the queen herself requires teammates to stay at different distances, so they won't all die from the same FBP, Aceton, scramble or anything else she's using.

The only thing that does need to be tweaked - and Borticus already confirmed it's gonna be - is the 1hit-KO Isometric Charge. There's no way to survive that even for a tank, especially since the very FIRST target hit blows up immediately - and the damage only rises from that point.

So seriously, practice some more, check your build and equipment, then try again. With a good team. The mission is challenging in a good way and that's what the game needs at the moment. Me and my friends are already bored with all the previous STFs nerfed to sillyness. CSE was challenging after it was released, but then people like you started complaining so Cryptic nerfed it to a degree, that it can now be done with optional by only 2 people.

And if you dislike challenge, then feel free to grind ISE all the time. With the way the new reputation system works now nobody forces you to do this particular mission at all.
ok well for starters I don't suck at the game or ANY stf as I have been running them all since beta, my equipment is top notch and so is my MK XII space gear, don't care what you say you cannot take on one tac cube 1 at a time as you fire at one they all swarm you, so maybe they need to put some distance between them so your not swarmed, there is plenty wrong with that new space stf and im sure im not the only one complaining about how ridiculous it is, and even the BEST pre-made teams wouldn't make optional, and where you got a tac cube can be taken down in a minute from I don't know because its never happened and IF that was the case a few sec's after a min on each cube and its optional failed anyway, so erm yeah, have you actually tried it on elite? and how long did it take you?? the mission says it shud take 25 mins, that is a HUGE overstatement