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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Heh, tried that in CSE and when given 4 fed cruisers who mill about in the middle of the map waiting for the cube generated spam my 1 lone DHC equipped raptor can't handle the cubes before my shield melts and the time limit expires.

...Especially with this new tactic of killing all the nanites on all the cubes THEN going back and killing the cubes. I've gone from getting the optional with the old strategy to no optional and 1/4 the time lost mission with this new strategy. Who'se the genius who thinks this new way is the best way ? An the new one-shotting BoP's are insane !

Sorry, venting. Glad this nightmare will be over in a week.
Just don't do it that way? I always do MRRMLL, and tell people to stuff it when they complain. I probably get the optional in 80% of my CSE pug runs. In bad groups, you do need to able to solo a raptor spawn and still get back in time to help the baddies with the 2nd spawn. Throwing a tac team on Kang will usually give you enough time to kill them, although its usually not that dire in my experience

For soloing cubes. Kill the bops, fly right up in under the cube and put your nose right on top of the nanite probes. Kill any plasma torp, but once your underneath the cube theyll no longer be able to fire them. Position yourself so your hitting multiple probes (with scatter volley). With a AP Alpha you can kill the 3 bottom probes before the next bop spawn if your DPS is respectable, and you should be able to stay alive at least that long spacing out your defensive cooldowns. Evasive maneuvers away if you get in trouble. It takes practice, but it's way faster than sitting 9km out.

The only hard par is killing the the top probe and surviving the Neg'var/Raptor spawn, it'll take a bit of practice even then you'll sometimes get yourself killed. Handling them depends on your setup; my escort will just pop DPS cooldowns and burn down the Neg'vars shields and pop him with some tricobolt mines. My Tor'kaht cruiser will just tank them with his nose his belly and hit him with an aceton beam. Both are highly capable.

It's very doable. If you can't do it then you aren't good enough yet, and just need to keep working on it,

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