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Originally Posted by bareel View Post

Go left, make sure no one follows. Now kill the BoPs and start on the nanite probes. And do it like a proper carry and kill a single bottom one and then the top one. Do not let more than one wave of BoPs get past you, only while annihilating the Neg'Var are you allowed to let one get past. Oh yeah and you have to kill the Neg'Var and Raptor guard spawns by yourself, all the BoP spawns, and all 6 nanite probes. You have 6 minutes. 7 if your in a non tac heavy ship. Oh and you also have to kill the first raptor trio spawn before they fire a shot at the kang.
and this is where all of your advices fell apart for me.

I can do that (well, not if I get a sneak isometric in my back, but the rest is easy). however if I go left then it will mean the rest of the team is going middle and right.

now the problem is, that we are talking about baddies. I have run not one CSE where ppl couldnt handle one group of BoPs, so even if I kill the ones on my side, they probably wont be able to handle the rest (if they even go their way to handle them, and wont assume, that I am just taking defense, and will leave every bop to me, which will either mean I cannot follow this strategy, or if I do, the team fails because of the bops)