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11-03-2012, 09:09 AM
The new invasion zone looks rather interesting. It seems like you can spend an entire evening just there doing quests and joining the public alerts, which I do think makes a nice addition, specially with the Tholian zone being rather small and bland in comparison.

Still, I agree with what most people have posted regarding the Time/payout factor.
A lot of the changes kinda seem to work towards increasing the time you need to invest into the game, but the payout doesn't seem to be all that great and takes a loooong time to be noticed since many old players likely won't bother with mk X gear.
This runs the danger of driving the casual crowd off while offering little incentive for the hardcore players to stay since there is no extremely tough endgame raid or super strong Borgbasher-lipra +20 for them to earn.

We have kinda been doing the same STfs for almost 3 years now and the only real incentive we have to do so is to get gear to be better at running these again and again. Making us run these even more often in order to earn slightly different rewards and the "permission" to pay Dilithium for stuff we used to get for free while earning Dilithium doesn't really sound all that motivating to me.

I also hope you -really- rethink the current Dilithium economy. Prices for everything seem to explode and I feel like I will soon be forced to ether choose between investing my earned Dilithium into the Fleet or into the Reputation system and personal gear or invest rather copious amounts of cash into the game. And while I don't mind ocassionally paying money for perks like special starships, outfits or a larger inventory, I'd really hate to have to invest a fixed amount into dilithium every month, too. If I'd wanted to do that I'd play a subscription based game instead.

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