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11-03-2012, 10:13 AM
I admit that it is nice to have a stf with a bit of a challenge, but I mean all those tac cubes??? seriously, maybe split them?? so like half tac, half normal cubes, or atleast take out the spheres as they can be time consuming to, no I havnt tried the threat control consoles, what do they do??? and come on you have to admit that the respawn penalty is a wee bit stupid, we got the 2nd v'ger probe down to 10% but as we were all on 70 sec respawn CD when we respawned it was nearly back at full health, I know im complaining a lot and its only because im a sore looser XD, but trust me when I say im not crap at stf's or the game, and in all fairness there was ALOT wrong with the into the hive ground map to so.......... im not asking for it to be UBER nerfed just replace some of the tac cubes with normal, or atleast spread them out a little to stop swarming