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well, now we know why duty officer requisition at the academy is so expensive, it is their intend to make them a much more rare and valuable commodity, even the starbase projects sound like their requirements for them are being slashed.

why? what the point of doing this? it was fine the way it was. thanks to those recruitment missions Ive finally been able to amass a very small fortune of EC, and its one of the main ways to level recruitment cxp. there REALLY needs to be new ways to get recruitment CXP then.
The "General Recruitment" mission that gives the tradeable DOFF pack costs Dilithium, but the other four department-specific recruitment missions (that give two DOFFS each on success, three on a crit), and the three race-specific ones at the Academy (that give one DOFF each on success, three on a crit) are still free of charge. Players will be getting about 30% fewer free DOFFs over the long term with this arrangement, and upgrinding for qualities higher than green will be pricey.
How many Starfleet Engineers does it take to exchange an Anti-positronic Photon Emitter?