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11-03-2012, 10:10 AM
Target subsystems I'm not worried about, ships designed to use that will have other beam weapons. Not being effected by Fire at Will or Beam Overload does concern me; I don't use beam overload so much, but I do rely on FAW to do multi-target damage, and the inability to fire on a second target (ignoring that all ranks fire your beam 5 times rather than 4 and higher ranks give damage bonuses) really cuts into the DPS potential of this beam. I might as well stick with torpedo spread like I have been doing.

I am also concerned as to whether it is affected by Tetryon Glider or the phaser proc from the new science consoles. That's additional DPS that I don't want to lose.

Additionally with no consoles that boost kinetic beams, it seems like it might be a bad idea to fit one. Really, if Cryptic want to go with cutting beams, the Borg cutting beam is anti-proton and I believe it might have increased shield penetration. Why not give us that since the other two items from the set are salvaged Borg gear? Then that at least would be affected by consoles many of us have (Still should be able to use Boff abilities).

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