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# 112 Tribble Test
11-03-2012, 11:12 AM
Honestly I started doing the testing on the tribble server and It is making me so want Season 7 to come out, I honestly started getting bored with the standard HUD that has been on sto for the while I been playing, I like how Organized and informal the new HUD is for season 7. Also I was actually rather impressed with how there was the Personal Donations for the Reputation and Omega system. That will add an new way to individualize the Characters, I also like the way the new star system is set up.

I ran through one of the Space STF's and love it. It's so fun taking out the Queens ship. I wish however you would make the Elite STF Basically a combination of Ground and space in the same run. Or Construct an STF where it's both Ground and space like some of the Common mission you have out there in the regular episodes. Other than that it's looking Good to me.

I was hoping to see how ever a new option where you can Play as a romulan or the star faction. That would of been awesome. You guys could of designed a Story arc for New Romulas. I have yet to Obtain any new equipment. but I can tell it would be a while of working on the reputation system in order to get the new equipment. I also like the way the Embassy system looks. It's gonna put alot more options of work into the Fleet starbase system. I however do not like the fact that you hace to be part of a fleet to enter the Embassy. I was hopeful that the Embassy would be setup like a place where you can go to Locate info on which Fleets are looking for people that way.

The architectural design is awesome with the Embassy, I liked the way you guys did the layout. but it does feel slightly bare. Is there gonna be special rewards to help decorate the Embassy? Otherwise I would say You guys are Good for go to launch Season 7.