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11-03-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by empireofsteve View Post
I used them before and will continue to. I do not subscribe to changing my style based on a few fleets decisions.
TRH and many others may acknowledge the use of these doffs as vindictive, as the results of our tests clearly indicate a certain god hammer like use to them. If you know how morbidly OP they are, you will not use them.

Should you use them on the other hand, we will make sure yours never proc. Meaning you wasted EC/Zen on a precious doff ability you desperately needed to "get good" at this games PvP aspect.

On the more sad note, you will be exclusively restricted to 1 and just maybe 2 toons that have them equipped at best. The rest of your toons will never see the queues because you don't have your precious doffs on them. If this is what you want, go ahead. It's a failed investment on your part to get better at PvP.

TRH will not use them on people who don't use them.

As for you, good luck. You're going to need it.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes (RP stands for Rimillion Patillion SN Doffs at our disposal, but only used to deter people from using them).

PS-Please don't use SN Doffs.