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I haven?t bothered to come up with a full description. But size wise I imagine it as a fairly Bulky Raptor.

Klingon Yoj (Judgment in English), Class Multi-Purpose Attack Craft

The Yoj class multi-purpose attack craft is the KDF?s attempt to integrate the best elements of Gorn, Nausican, and Orion technology into a a KDF vessel. The design is a Hybrid design combining elements of Raptors and Birds of Prey into one single package. The vessel posses a number different base technologies. Gorn Supplied Sensor module upgrades enhance it?s target finding and acquisition capabilities whilst Orion drive upgrades allow the vessel superior sector speeds, meanwhile the latest in Nausican Cannon mountings have been integrated into the vessel. The Design is also equipped with an enhanced battle cloak and a very flexible bridge officer layout, as well as the newest KDF Isometric Torpedoes. Learning from the B?Rel the ship has an unusually overbuilt Structural Integrity Field Grid, at the expense of the Shield Generator grid. The vessel posses 3 distinct sub-variants, each normally fitted with one additional experimental system from the KDF?s allies. However some captains in particular favour with the High Council have been issued ships fitted with several systems. These captains are invariably graced with additional KDF experimental technology upgrades as well.

A glowing bit of fluff I should hope. But what does it all mean? The Orion affect gives the ship a passive +50 Drivers coil skill and permanently un-caps sector travel speeds regardless of engine choice. This won?t make you as fast at slipstream speeds as a Vesta, but your still going to be brain bleed inducing fast. The Gorn Sensor upgrades are rather simple. You?ve got Sensor Analysis across all variant by Default. No default Subsystem Targeting though, (but see Variants for a surprise). The Nausicans bring the piece de resistance though. A straight up +20% damage boost to all Single Cannons and Turrets. This raises Single Cannons to the same level as DHC?s. You can still mount Dual Cannons and DHC?s however if you wish. The Enhanced Battle Cloak should be familiar to anyone familiar with the B?Rel. The Isometric Torpedoes is identical in all stats respects to a Plasma torpedo and benefits from all the same skills and abilities in the same way with 2 exceptions. First both the default damage and the burn are Electrical. Secondly, when using Torpedo High Yeild abilities the base damage of the Torpedo is unaffected, however the burn damage Magnitude is increased by 100% per level of ability, (so +100% from Torpedo High yield 1, +200% from Torpedo High yield 2, e.t.c.), and the burn is applied to any target within 1KM of the detonation point. As noted it also packs an unusually strong hull and BoFF layout to complement this. Albeit at the expense of Shields and Lieutenant Commander Skills.

The rest of the base stats are below:

Rank Required: Lt.G
Hull Strength: 41,000
Shield Modifier: 0.75
Crew: 250
Weapons: 4 Fore, 2 Aft
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Lieutenant Universal, 1 Commander Universal
Base Turn Rate: 17 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.17
Sensor Analysis
Orion Enhanced Drives
Nausican Enhanced Light Cannon Mounts
Can Equip Cannons
Enhanced Battle Cloak
Isometric Torpedo Mk XII [Acc] [Dmg]x2

There are 3 Variants of this Ship. Raider. Battle, and Tactical.

The Yoj Raider variant is the KDF?s answer to a need for a deep ranger raider for attacking deep into enemy rear echelons and inflicting maximum damage on enemy supply lines and support assets. To aid it in this Endeavour it s equipped with an experimental Gorn Systems Targeting Computer. This allows the vessel to efficiently target enemy weak spots to maximum effect.

In game terms the Gorn Systems Targeting Computer provides 4 Abilities. Advanced Target Weapons Subsystems, Advanced Target Shields Subsystems, Advanced Target Engines Subsystems, and Advanced Target Auxiliary Subsystems. Each of these is on a 2 minute Cooldown and shares a 15 second Global Cooldown with each other. But otherwise share no Global Cooldowns with any other abilities. On use they grant all weapons fire for the next 10 seconds a buff. The weapons all have a 2.5% chance to disable the named subsystem, and they also all apply a 15 second duration, non-stacking -20 power debuff to the named system.

Yes you read that right. You basically get a Target subsystems ability set that works with cannons, turrets, and torpedoes, and which may be used with abilities like CSV, or BFAW. The downside is a relatively poor chance of an outright disable, a lost console slot and a limited power drain. The Drain also does not scale with your flow capacitors skills. So resistances aside it?s fixed.

The Console Layout is as follow:

Engineering: 4
Science: 2
Tactical: 4

The Yoj Battle variant is intended as the new front line raptor in large Fleet actions and as such is equipped with the latest in Nausican Energy Weapons systems. Dual Continuous Wave Disruptor Beams. This advanced system combines the infamous power leeching abilities of Nausican energy weapons with their high power Beam systems. Unlike normal Power draining capabilities however it does not feed the power to the firing ships own systems, instead the power is fed back into the weapons directly allowing the steadily focused beam to grow in power as it feeds of the enemies own systems.

I Game terms the Console grants you the ability to fire the Continuous Wave Dual Disruptor Bank once every 5 minutes. This weapon fires a stream of 40 Pulses over 20 seconds. They initially deal low damage and power drain. But each pulse grows in power, at a rate of an additional +100%damage and +100% power drain per pulse, to a maximum of +3900% to both on the 40th Pulse. The affect is boosted by both consoles and Weapons power, but is unaffected by skills. Base damage is 50, and base drain is -1 to all systems. The Beams have a standard 90 degree targeting arc and if the enemy falls out of this arc for any reason or moves outside 10KM the beam will disengage, just like a Tachyon Beam.

Console Layout:

Engineering: 4
Science: 1
Tactical: 5

The Yoj Tactical Variant is officially intended for sort range tactical assignments near friendly lines but away from the main fleet where a degree of versatility and independence may be beneficial, but not to the degree of the more independent Raider Variant. Unofficially the variant was commissioned by KDF military Intelligence as a means of providing insertion and extraction for covert ops teams as well as a means to provide more direct intervention should circumstances require it. To this end it is equipped with an Orion Stealth Heavy Frigate attached to the at dorsal section. The design, a scaled down re-work of a long standing Orion favourite stolen from the Suliban two centuries ago, was fitted with an advanced passive sensor masking system and submitted to the KDF as a cheaper alternative to the valuable Birds of Prey being used in rear echelon work. Although ultimately turned down, it was quickly picked up by KDF intelligence, and it was found that the masking system when combined with an Enhanced Battle Cloak produced the most perfect cloak known to exist. Sadly the masking system has proven far less effective on larger designs

In game terms you get a two minute cooldown ability that launches a Bird of Prey class pet. This pet is not only equipped with an Enhanced Battle Cloak, but may fire any weapons or abilities from under it, (including energy weapons), without ever decloaking as it does so. It is equipped with an Aft Turret, a Forward Dual Disrupter Beam Bank, and Foe and Aft Transphasic Torpedo Launchers. It posses the abilities; Torpedo High Yield 3, Beam Overload 3, and Sensor Scan 3.

Console Layout:

Engineering: 5
Science: 1
Tactical: 4

In addition to the above if you equip multiple set pieces you will gain bonuses capabilities. The 2-Set gives you an experimental Masking system Enhanced Battle Cloak. This Allows you to fire Energy Weapons whilst Cloaked. The 3-Set bonus adds Experimental Regenerative Energized Hull Amour. This not only gives you a passive +30 to your Starship Structural Integrity Field Skill, but also passively increases the Duration of all levels of Polarize Hull, Hazard Emitters, and Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field by 100%.