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I was stupid and bought 2 kdf doffs because I didn't look closely enough. Make double sure the doffs you're talking about are actually feds.
This is because doffs image frames sucks in STO since the game was launched.They should make doffs with a symbol/small icon added for FED or KDF on image' corner or something visible , not making ppl to stare at doff' s background like would see an UFO...once again..amateur devs..

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Would anyone happen to know that names of some Eng doffs with Resolve and Cunning on the Fed side that will actually work with Childrens toys?
An engineering doff with:

would be [Ro Taban] from DS-9 Bundle but it costs 2500 zen to get it from the Special_Requisition_Pack_-_Elite_Duty_Officer_Cadre .Also N'Vek from that pack is engineering but is only Cunning and same quality - blue.
This doff is blue but with 3 traits required is equal with a purple with 2.Be careful not to sell it or exchange it like any doff.Well , resolve is listed as attribute(spec) not required trait but it will be displayed on Recommandations.
The doff is not Unruly to f**** up the chances.

I don't craft consoles, i don't care , i sell the powered artifact when i have the chance but i did some research on wikia for my friends and also because i'm a wikia contributor.

Purples i didn't had time to search but you can start with this link , for example Aglet (ferengi) is Stubborn and Cunning.

Ferengi FED doffs and Orion KDF doffs are usually Cunning , the Vulcans Fed are Logical, reptilians (Saurian-FED and Gorn-KDF) are Cold Blooded, Jem'Hadar doffs are Shroud, Klingon KDF doffs are Honorable, Orion KDF doff girls are Seductive ...and so on
So everytime you need Cunning i suggest you to start searching with Ferengi (FED) or Orions (KDF).

Ferra has a purple Engineer with Efficient and Stubborn only ,in Espionage rank 4.
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