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11-03-2012, 11:48 AM
Did some figures on the OP's numbers, and something's not adding up.

26 marks in two rounds for tier 1 (total 52)

Then 60 for each of 3 one-time unlocks
60 for the hangar pet
10 for each of two consumables

Not strictly included in the description in the post is the grind through tier 1, is the 8200 xp left to grind at this point, assuming the least efficient method (double-running 200 xp unlocks and then switching to 2000/800 grinds, rather than running 2000/200) this is 3 rounds of 30 marks.

Total is 402 marks, or 17 runs of the mission he did (which I already pointed out is an inefficient option, spread over 8 project cycles, meaning 16 days. Slightly more than one run per day average - it would be higher at the peak point (needing 3 per day for 4 days), but counter balanced over the rest of the days. This is also the least efficient path, skipping poor rewards (the consumables, the hanger for most ships - and even the ones that can use it would be better off with most any dilithium store fighter than these equivalent to EC store fighters), and running a better project schedule brings this down to 322 marks over 12 days - similarly just over 1 run/day but with a lower spike and shorter total time.

Only point at which the OP's numbers become remotely true are on mk XII sets that unlock at tiers 4 and 5, which would take 90 runs for a full set (only on the order of 30-40 runs from more efficient mark sources) but will be 35+ project cycles in the future.

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