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Social interaction is dictated by the idea that people wish to interact socially. The social interaction on DS9, ESD, Drozana, or wherever only exists because the players wish to interact. That is not going to change due to removing the need to go to DS9 to buy something. The people who want to be social will be, and the people who do not want to be social will not be. It is really just that simple.

We should also take into account that virtually everything you do at end-game requires you to do so in a team environment. If people do not wish to interact beyond that they should not be required to. Forcing me to go to DS9 does not mean I need to talk to anyone while there; and, in fact, few players do. Most of us are talking on ventrillo or teamspeak or some other service when we really want to spend our time socialize in game.
True and valid arguments. And I'm not disagreeing with this.

Someone else hit this, but its the immersive feeling that is missing. The genre that STO is in (MMORPG) is that its to give you the feeling that you are the character in the universe that it puts you in. STO used to give you that feeling more so in the past that it does now.