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Originally Posted by cptdang View Post
Someone else hit this, but its the immersive feeling that is missing. The genre that STO is in (MMORPG) is that its to give you the feeling that you are the character in the universe that it puts you in. STO used to give you that feeling more so in the past that it does now.
I would say that STO is quite true to most of Trek: one ship, one crew, alone against the universe. That is predominately what Star Trek is about. In that regard it is immersive to the IP.

If STO is feeling less emmersive to you now it is not because of queues; and it is certainly not because of not needing to go to DS9 to buy something in season 7; as that is not even in the game yet. It is because you have grown bored with STO. All the forced teaming and all the visits to DS9, ESD, and everywhere else is not going to change that. The game is essentially the same it has always been: only socialize and interact if you want to. You have changed.