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11-03-2012, 12:16 PM
depends on what you understand is a "jack of all trades"

dmg like a regent + support like a sci oddy and tank ability like a operations oddy? well that's not going to happen.
infact i named already the only ship that would actually fit your playstyle...the oddy. i mean you just need to change the universal BOFF slots to accomodate your current need during combat.

that you can't specc for it is not true, since 6 points in most skills is sufficent anyway, that leaves enough points to even skill particle generator or graviton generator for a usefull grav well.
and if you leave out projectile weapons and go all beams you can easily skill a third or fourth sci abilitiy.

myself i use a oddy starcruiser, and i do not seem to lack neither support, tank, or dmg in PVE atleast.
My engi captain allows me to run high powerlvls nearly all the time (+maco shield) this means i can effectively heal others with TSS2 and HE1 (again, in PVE only)
and with 5 tac boff slots i'm usually not far behind in dmg numbers. The only thing that is really on the edge is tanking, since most tanking capability comes from the engi captain itself and not from the BOFF setup.
so, in my opinion the different oddy versions can provide a "jack of all trades" build without signifficantly suck while doing so.
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