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11-03-2012, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by snipe048 View Post
So Far i don't mind the new rep system but Come on 100,000 Xp to max it out? Plus the Dil Tax per Project, and a 2 day wait per project? I know you guys are trying to lengthen it out but choose one or the other, Either that huge Xp Requirement and something like at the most a 20hr assignment or reduce the total amount of XP to get to max Tier by at least 30-40%,
I agree. I have no problem with the system (and being guaranteed that I can get MK XII in a reasonable amount of time rather than might, is nice), but the prices aren't quite right.

Each cost on it's own doesn't seem to horrible, but combined it makes the whole ordeal quite expensive. I know one thing i noticed a dev mention was the high dilithium cost of individual equipment being higher than from the dilithium store because it's better, but that ignores the other costs including the time one (HAVE to do specific missions which can be difficult where you can buy stuff from dilithium store with dilithium from anywhere).