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Okay, this is going to be a fairly harsh review and maybe a little QQing, but here goes:

First off whole mission (much like the ground part) has the feel of a bad foundry mission. Map jam packed with stuff to look impressive, and none of the stuff is part of the mission. Compared to the other three space STFs which have very purposeful map designs, I was HIGHLY disappointed by the crowded slapped together look of the map.

Okay now to the actual mission review:

Played on Elite (play by play follows)

(I am M.A.C.O. Elite Commander. Completed all optionals in PuG groups except for IGE which I did with premade. Wanted to experience the mission like most people will when it rolls with random group)

Alien Tac officer in Armitage Heavy Escort Carrier with full Omega Force MK XII set. Since I PvP in this ship I won't detail my load out of weapons DOFFs and BOFFs, but worst weapons I have are (Borg) MK XII (of course all matched energy types with Blue MK XI tac consoles)

(I will probably fly a different ship for this mission in the future as the first part could make my fighters a liability to the team if I don't control them VERY carefully)

One guys does what someone always does in pugs, and flies into the mass of tac cubes at full impulse and opens fire. 20 minutes and 10-15 Ship Injuries later (repaired them of course during the long wait to respawn each time) we manage to clear them out.

CUT SCENE (personally, I am not a fan of cut scenes in general, but it's a nice cut scene)
(HOWEVER ... STO cutscenes seem to overlap the start of game play and this one was no exception. By the time my game returned from the cut scene to live action I was already getting pounded ((happens to me at the start of the Fleet Action Starbase Defense every time as well))

No worries, respawn and go after ... wait ... TWO giant Borg Hot Dog ships? Already bored I park my ship in the sweet spot and start Pew Pewing as my teammates one by one get mad and drop out of the mission. I tried to singlehandedly shoot down the Energy Ball of Death each time and kill all the regen probes and DPS the Hot Dog, but since no-one was flying a heal boat (or using it as such if they were) was just a slow steady death.

Didn't get to see Boss Fight since before we even managed to kill one hot dog of death, team dwindled down to two people and we decided to give up, with two escorts vs two B'Gers, it was over.


1. OK, it was a pug on Elite. This is the way MOST people will play the mission and it's gonna be a nightmare for a couple weeks after S7 goes live trying to complete it with pugs. I will likely only do this mission with premade team.

2. It is IMHO really boring. It lacks the artistry and co-ordinated movement factor that all the other space STFs have. I spend the vast majority of my time either reversing to stay out of tractor range or diving in and out, while the cubes slowly crept forward. (edit to clarify: what I mean is there is a lot of sitting still and very little actual flying involved)

3. Mission is difficult not because it requires strategy but just because of massive damage by enemies. I fly a cash shop ship with pure Purple XII weapons and Purple MK X/Blue MK XI or better in all consoles, and I died a lot. Again, no one even tried to heal me so that didn't help.

4. Seems to also lack the interaction with BOFFs pop ups to help coach along the mission. As much as these annoy me, and they DO annoy me, LOL, I think a lot ofplayers rely on them and are gonna feel lost on this one.


KASE and CSE require communication and co-ordination to complete. ISE requires timing and and DPS. This mission has none of that. PuGs will fail and fail some more IMHO and mission content is not interesting enough to make this something to run again and again. I will likely join a good premade team and do it once to get optional (as I am guessing that will be required for a costume of some sort) And then go back to spamming the ISE, KASE, KAGE circuit to get marks so I can unlock my passives from the rep system. (only gear I don't already have will be the crossover sets which I want for my fed but not for my klink) Until the rep system was announced I intended to happily PvP and never set foot in STF again, but that is a whole 'nother topic.

NOTE: Will try this again on normal setting just to see if the mission is more interesting in any way when it's done successfully, but all in all I was left feeling REALLY let down by both this and Into The Hive. Both seem to lack any actual artistry and are just "look how much enemies we make ... ja ja!!!" rather than having the creativity present in all the other STFs. I was really hoping that since I MUST return to STFs (from which, having completed all objectives, I was happily retired, that The Hive series would be something to break up the monotony, but instead both left me feeling like I was playing a console game rather than an MMO.

UPDATE: Played it or normal and was Faceroll easy to do on normal. That made it even more boring and non-STF-like.

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