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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
personally, though i do not think cruisers are underpowered in any way that matters, believe they could get a +1 or even +2 turnrate increase. All of them, except the vor'cha...10 should be the upper limit for cruiser turnrate.
The negh'var is a perfect example of how cruisers should be able to maneuver.
Also a little inertia increase would go well along with that in my opinion.
Some of them just feel too clumsy.
I think this would solve the majority of the issues with the actual design of cruisers.

As for the actual role a cruiser is supposed to fill in PvE, the problem is not with the actual design of Cruisers and more the design of PvE.

So either PvE needs to change to actually make the role of healer or tank useful, or Cruisers need to be brought in line with what this game has for a PvE environment.

The same can be said of Sci ships.

Right now PvE has, broadly speaking, two levels of damage output from NPCs:

1) Not enough damage to realistically stress a careful or well played Escort.

2) Enough damage to one-shot kill even a good cruiser.

Damage levels could be:

1) Enough damage to stress a good cruiser, without the cruiser being attacked by everything on the map.
2) Enough damage to stress a good cruiser that has healing support from another ship.

This would push the game more towards holy trinity playstyle.

You can argue the merits or negative aspects of that all you like.

Without a playstyle that pushes closer to that, there is no point to have a ship that fills any role outside of DPS.

If that is the design intent of the game (no trinity or role specialization pve model), then fine - but the ships that were designed for roles that are not actually needed should be brought in line with the game environment.

Otherwise we can expect threads like this to appear for as long as this game exists.

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