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11-03-2012, 02:32 PM

Did it in a PuG like I do all my elite STFing. Managed to complete it in little over 30 minutes and a ton of deaths. The entire thing just gives me a 'meh' feeling and I wasn't really sure why until I read glassguitar 's post and I simply have to agree with him.

It just feels like the No Win Scenario borg style. Which is fine for the No Win Scenario but it just didn't feel like an STF. Their was nothing going on, no triggers, nothing happening really other than a bunch of ducks lined up to be kilt.

But thats fine, I already have 3 ESTFs to play so I do not think the difficulty itself should be lowered or anything let this be for those who enjoy the style.

That and it does seem really odd to be outnumbered by borg tac cubes and still annihilate them. Not even Voyager sissified the borg as much as this mission does.