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Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
What's wrong with this? Do you have a moral objection to being able to complete endgame content by yourself? I have a lot of friends who do raiding in WoW, and getting together a ton of reasonable players is the hardest part, I'm told.

I often find a similar issue in STO- getting a good solid group of players together is often tricky. Making things require highly coordinated teams of players who know each other well often closes off that content from casual players.
I am not talking about closing ANY content to anyone... what I object to is making things easier (nerfing to the lowest common demoninator) detracts from what it means to be Elite. If Ned the New Guy wants to attempt the mission on Elite, thats his perogitive... and should (rightfully) get his behind handed to him... and a new audio clip of the Borg laughing. Edit(2): Why should a casual player consider themselves Elite anyway? Elite should take dedication, practice, and a lot of fail before it can be achieved.

The issue I have is that if it CAN be completed by two (and those who do so should (justifiably) brag about their accomplishment ... but then it is not elite.. Difficult, yes... Advanced... Perhaps... but not Elite. If the NORMAL mission says it should only be attempted by 5 players... I expect the Elite version to put all 5 players through the wringer trying to complete it with Optionals to boot.

Edit: I'll say it again... If you call yourself Elite, or believe yourself to be Elite... then you should welcome, embrace, and herald difficulty. Not whine, and QQ that its too hard... if its too hard, go back to normal and have fun.
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