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11-03-2012, 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by farktoid5000 View Post
This is because you are carrying both your ship and your shuttle at the same time, which allows for both sets of boff stations at once. It is a known issue and will be fixed before Season 7 goes live.

In the meantime, enjoy your crazy OP ships.

rather than "fix it", why not make it a feature?

It would add a new dynamic to the game. And for bigger ships like the Odyssey, Galaxy, Negh'var, etc, it'd make a lot more sense.

I mean, you go to a Galaxy-class bridge, and there's at least 9 consoles on the bridge. Yet the Galaxy in-game only has, what, 4-5 boff slots?

Just an idea

I still want bare feet.... on ALL costumes.