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11-03-2012, 03:48 PM
I think the respawn timer isn't the problem...

Bring a tank and bring a healer to have the tank's back. If they know what they are doing they can absorb most of the incoming damage. the rest can be DPS and or control...

if you are DPS try to be elsewhere from the tank, that way no "one hit kill" shots will get you.

Cryptic is doing a lot with the threat control fine tuning atm. A tank should be speced in TC anyway, there are deflectors now that help with that even more and the new consoles can be used to raise (tank) or lower (DPS/healer) aggro.
We may even get an active TC power at some point.

Guns blazing is'T gonna cut it here. If you try that and fail it's no wonder it gets frustrating with the respawn timers.