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11-03-2012, 03:20 PM
carcharodon1975 You bring some scary predictions for the future, I would like to say your wrong, but I can not. I could see them completely destroying the Romulans and Remans in the exact fashion you describe.

Levi Enterprise really? Seriously? The series broke cannon so many different ways it wasn't even funny. Its hardly a good series to use to support an argument. Also as the other poster pointed out in that episode that was a possible timeline, not a for sure one. Now I am not a genius, just tell me where to fire, and I will. This being said temporal gets confusing, and you end up with alternate realities stacked up top of each other. So whos to say its cannon to join the feds.

All I know is Klingons take betrayal very seriously so much so that houses can maintain a hatred between each other for generations. Even more so that a entire klingon family can be disgraced for two generations, if they are found guilty of betraying the Empire. I also believe the father and the son both must die in said case. In the klingon eye the Federation abandoned them when they invaded cardassia, and they abandoned them when they rightfully invaded gorn space. Allys do not abandon each other, those actions by the Federation was betrayal. As I have already stated, they take such things extremely serious.