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# 1 Positive criticism
11-03-2012, 03:44 PM
Ok, the sheer number of posts are almost impossible for me to keep up with, but I have been reading the S7 feedback for the last few hours. Some of the criticisms I agree with and some I don't.

Good news first.

(1) I'm loving what I've seen of New Romulus so far. Great story/minigames/dialogue and lots of new stuff to do,

(2) Defera invasion zone finally has a point to it! The addition of rep marks make it feel like a complete zone at last.

Indifferent news second.

(1) The rep system has the potential to be pretty sweet. However, at the moment...

And now for the criticism.

(1) Reputation tiers are REALLY poorly thought out at the moment. The required components are strange to say the least. Why make players sacrifice Doffs (especially with the increased difficulty/cost in acquiring Doffs) or hideously expensive resources for reputation? Not to mention the Dilithium costs! Do you want people to give up on starbases and embassies? What about smaller fleets, you've been saying since you introduced Fleet starbases that you wanted even the small fleets to be able to participate, has that changed now?

(2) Even if individual players can afford to contribute to the reputation tier, you then make them wait for a day and a half (T0 - T1 for example) before they see the fruits of their labours. What was the thinking behind that? If a gamer completes a task they kind of expect to actually see the rewards for their time/effort. Can you imagine what would happen if after clearing a level on Sonic (for example) the gamer had to wait 36 hours before they were allowed to play the next level?

In conclusion.

I see what the idea was behind S7. You've given us new story content, new areas, new ships, new fleet activities and those are all great. I'm sure even the most annoyed STO player (and there seems to be a fair few of them about atm) would admit to wanting all that (except maybe KDF players, but they don't count...j/k! ).

I even get that by incorporating the old MACO/OMEGA stuff into the new rep system you're making it easier to add future factions into an already existing system (Mirror Fed faction, please!), but you have to keep in mind that even those of us with lots of gametime available are limited in what we can earn/achieve in game.

Anyhow, that's my feedback so far. Unsure if I'll be on Tribble tomorrow or trying to earn and hoard as much Dilithium as possible on Holodeck before the blackhole of reputation swallows it all and then makes me wait for days/weeks for the privilege of spending even more dilithium...
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