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Ship Log
Entry 7426
Mission Day 73
Current Mission: Plantary Survey of Romulan/Klingon phipery
I.K.V. Dancer, General Kuiama del Solima commanding

We spotted a federation science ship, Nova class, to day during third watch which was positivly identified as the U.S.S. Huxley. Sub Commander N'Rel, our liason officer, noted the ship as one of a hand full of federation ships enguaged in resurveying the sector for viable planets for D'Tan's people to relocate to.

Per orders we did not seek combat and avoided further contact. Our missions orders from the high council and the imperial contacts branch of the K.D.C. are quite clear that our mission goals do not include fighting the federation at this time. Other ships are tasked with discouraging federatioon involment in this region. A contact report was relayed to the nearest fleet command group in the area per standing orders.

As of yet we havn't found any worlds sutable for a joint Romulan/Reman colonization effort. A reservey of the world of Nerendra III noticed no change in the world, and is over all deemed unsutable for the needs of D'Tan's people. The failed colony sites from the last century under the "World of Galactic Peace" inititive continue to deteriorate. The planets magnetic field continues to weaken and I estimate the the world will loose 70% of its remaining atmosphere to the effects of the system solar wind over the next 50 years. While the planets core rotation could be restarted easily with current technology, it would still be a decades long project and would be uncompletable before the depleation of the planets atmosphere rendered the world unhabitable. The world how ever is deemed sutable for a hostile enviorment mining, extraction, and explotation operation and still holds tremendous reserves of easily gathered heavy metals that are not easily replicated on the industrial scale. I recommend to the high council the the Nerendra system be sceded in toto to D'Tan's people for thier future use.

The Dancer will be proceeding next to the famed Khitomer region for a full re-survey of its nearby star systems. Khitomer as you know is a storied star system in its own right with a currently independent system government which as hosted numerous diplomatic gatherings over the last 2 centuries. During the last century this area was known as the "Triangle" being a boundry area between the then strong Romulan Empire, the Klingon Empire and the Federation. We expect to have to deal with several independent Orion ships in the area as the few that are not part of the cartel are known to be still operating in this region, along with other independents who for all practical purposes are little more the pirates.

As the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire appears to be winding down due to mutual exaustion, and a lack of clear war goals other then fighting for fighting sake, Dancer will continue with her assigned mission. Perhapes we will find a world suitable for D'Tan's people soon. There are hundreds of un surveyed star systems in the region of space. The odds are favorable that one, or several of them will be found to meet the requirements of the Romulan/Reman people and there will be a created a certain level of political stability on the this border of the empire.

For the Empire
General Kuiama del Solima, I.K.V. Dancer reporting.

Dist: KHC, KDC, Contacts Branch, I.I., Black Fleet.

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There, a KDF rebuttle! KDF players get thier own version of these missions the the Feds get to play... They're not quite what I would have wanted... but at least they're missions.. My little story of course has references to both hard canon, and some soft canon from the old FASA star trek RPG.. The missions in the area definatly need "independent operators" that want to continue to see the area as clear of Romulan, Federation, and Klingon influence.. Independent pirate groups, mercenaries, aliens that want nothing to do with any of the great powers.. Numerous soft canon races could be plugged into the area including the Kinshya, and others.
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