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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
I want the top tier of everything... I'm a completionist... But beyond that... I like the look of the Mk XII M.A.C.O. ground set for instance, I shouldnt be barred from getting it because it requires a team of 5 with a fool proof strategy...

You are taking this game way to seriously. Why cant I have fun on Elite? Is that not allowed? You make it soud as if having fun on the elite difficulty is a bad thing. And yet I currently do have fun playing KASE, and ISE, and even CSE. I have less fun on the ground... but thats because its the ground, and I just dislike it.
You can absolutely have fun... and so should I be allowed, and frankjly the current "Elite" STF's aren't fun for me... too easy... I get enjoyment from a challenge, and a sense of accomplishment in doing something that not every Ricky Redshirt in the Rainbow Warrior can do.
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