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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
Then I'll stand behind you getting your own difficulty (Ultra or whatever you wish to call it.) with no reward outside of what you get on elite, perhaps maybe you just get more than what you would on Elite... but there should be nothing exclusive to the new difficulty.

I want to get the Mk XII sets, and I need to do elites to get the neural processors to do the projects (as I understand it.) So I shouldnt be kept from it through a difficulty gap that I dont want to deal with.
Let them make that gear available at an Advanced level then. As I have already said, the current difficulty for the Elite STF, as they exist today, is not elite.

I am fine with no additional sets/equipment (they way I see it, the best equipped ships with the best weapons in game today should find it difficult to complete an Elite... and a down right achievement to get the optional. I'd settle for an Accolade (similar to NWS), and maybe an additional costume option on the existing MK XII Maco/Omega/KHG gear. As nothing more than a badge of honor.

As others have stated, the MK XII Borg Gear is MARGINALLY better than the MK XI... I don't want the Elite to be something to grind for a 1% increase in some blah gear... I want it to be something to Aspire to... Something to be proud of...

They have made the Maco/Omega/Honor Guard sets more accessible (and I'm fine with that, as it wasn't a display of skill to achieve them... it was a display of luck). I want to be able to show something that is a display of skill and ability.
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