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Originally Posted by wraithshadow13 View Post
I was on tribble this morning and there was reputation and all that for the borg and romulan stuff already but nothing had yet been converted. I'm actually slightly worried they're going to not put that on tribble until it's too late to do any checking. I'm still not even sure how it's really a "leg up" if they're going to be holding it all hostage like this. Anytime Cryptic has made it a point to withhold information it's a good sign that it's going to end badly for the fans.
Sigh.... This. I'm afraid this.

TBH, I've already started playing the game less. Gettin tired of running STFs, it's as simple as that.
It's even started to affect my relationship with fleetmates, it seems from the moment I log on, someone is asking me to run another STF, so they can try to get gear BEFORE the changes.

So we're avoid a grind. It's just crazy.

In all fairness, there are a few things I AM looking forward too with season seven.

I've spent some time on tribble, and I really like the New Romulus map A LOT.
In fact, I could go on and on about how much I like that map.
I REALLY like the fact that there is something new in game that I can actually EXPLORE.

The reputation system: While I certainly feel that IT IS too much of a grind AND a resource sink, (more grinding is defiantly something I am not looking forward to at all.)
I AM looking forward to the passive abilities and the "advancement", of my character's skills, (with both the space and ground passives that you choose with the advancement).

To me, the chance of advancing my character, after he's been sitting idol at endgame for too long, is very refreshing. It gives me the chance to really make my character more Unique and not just cosmetically, but in abilities as well.
It helps to "flesh" him out more, if it were. If you get my meaning.

THE VESTA.... I can't begin to tell how impressed I was with how that ship looks. She's absolutely beautiful. I really wish I could fly her to get a feel for that lovely lady, I'll just have to wait.

SOMEONE/s put A LOT of work in both the Vesta and the New Romulus map.

So while there are things about season seven I can definitely do without, there are a couple of things that still have me looking forward to launch.

I'm sure there are more things to rave about that I have yet to encounter yet. I'm looking forward to tracking down those easter eggs.

I only hope my enthusiasm holds.
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