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# 15 reputation system
11-03-2012, 05:07 PM
for one thing i know u ppl are going to comment on my post here saying noob this and noob that but this being my first mmorg test, i like the fact that the stf system has changed it make it more fair at the end of the round that everyone gets the prizeand instead of a rolled luck chance gets you an edc or a rare borg tech peice. i like the change, but there is one thing that needs to change is the reputation system most ppl on here who played stfs in the past have had the ability to get the weapons or equipment after they received the edc's' at the end of the round now the reputaion system takes longer than the fleet objectives, eg... it takes 20 hours to get the fleet projects done but it takes almost 2 days to get the reputation projects done see my boggle if ppl want to level up their gear they have a long wait to get it done, might as well join a fleet to get projects done

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