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11-03-2012, 06:25 PM
Hmm Social Interaction a funnny problem here in STO.

Today i was in Eve Online playing some time , mining, talking wiht other people, producing things and killing some npc pirates.

During this time i had really a feeling of a space game, large space areas but still populatet some more then others.

During this Mining Operation another player warped in targetting me and destroyed my ship (and all people who know eve, also know that can sometimes be really expensive), but no hard feelings, some smalltalk in chat some jokes.

For me main problem here in STO is, all areas are far too small, only connectet through loading screens (dont understand that really, in eve as example i have also loading screens but only screens taht need some seconds before its ready).
And also in this social Areas here in STO you dont have really something to do, only runnign around talkiong again and again with the same NPC only to see that you need to grind some more to get something is not helpfull for social interactions.
Trades between players, only with some items most of the things is bound on pickup or bound on use or something similiar.

For me STO looks more like a "rush to Max lvl leave out as much as possible content (we dont have much content really), and then wait until you can grind something to get something else that could help you ), so really whats the reason in sto for social interactions?

PVP? No not really its broken and unbalanced.
Missions? No not really, most missions are solo content wihtout need for other people.
Trading? No not really we have exchange and pricing are totally nuts for most items.

And also theres anotehr thing, i played many different MMOS some with a good community some with a bad community, the community here in STO is not bad, but nobody really cares about someone else.

As example, i comming back to sto shortly after the fleet actions launched, so i didnt know them, i queued for one of them, and i told the team directly its first time for me, and asked if tehre is something special to know about them, and yep i really got 0 answer nothing nada. And thats something thats really bad for a MMO, if nobody cares about another and nobody takes time to explain some little things or answers a question, then somethings wrong.

So yes STO really has not many social interaction but not everythign is cryptics fault, some of this problems are also caused by the players itself.

And for roleplayers uhm what does STO offer for roleplayers? not really something , or i simply didnt find it since release of STO. Sure you can interact with other people but thats it, your ship bridges are only eye candy nothing really for roleplaying on stations you also cant do much for roleplaying. Sure i can run stand on drazona station and think the permanent blue lighning is some sort of disco effect createt by the special blue lights inside the station, and standing there at the dabo table but uhm for what? Yep again grinding nothing else.
I dont find ANYTHING in sto thats not leveling or grinding.

For me this game need some real improvements.

1. Larger areas fewer loading screens.
2. Real Social interactions not only some chat emotes with sound effect.
3. Mini Games you can play for fun against other players, not to get more dilitum, energy credits, marks of something, loby crystals or something like that.
4. fewer grind and more real content
5. Content that you can play together and that need some team play and tactic