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11-03-2012, 07:18 PM
I like the general idea overall except the boff
Layout,it's still a heal boat and a lot of cruiser
Skippers don't want another heal boat .

I would propose

Cmdr Uni
LT Cmdr Eng
LT Cmdr Sci
LT Tac

3 Tac
5 Eng
2 Sci

This layout would allow a player to take a
Crowd control ship

Into what ever battle his or her team needed
Making it a true multi purpose ship I'n reality
And not I'n talk

Tac ships are still better at Dps
Sci is still better at crowd control

The ship is still slow and turns even slower
And it would sell BIG. $$$$$$$$
Jellico....Engineer ground.....Da'val Romulan space Sci
Saphire.. Science ground......Ko'el Romulan space Tac
Leva........Tactical ground.....Koj Romulan space Eng

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